Vietnam Day 12 – Hoi An

Travelogue, Vietnam — By on September 1, 2007 7:16 am

Slept on a stranger’s shoulder all the way to My Son, Vietnam’s most important centre of the ancient kingdom of Champa and a Unesco World Heritage site.  Woke in a drunken daze at a breakfast stop, apologized to the guy whose shoulder I’d been drooling on, and supped 2 cups of strong lipton tea, which seemed to bring me around a little. A bloody disgrace!

We entered My Son, whose impressive monuments are set in a lovely valley surrounded by hills and a the massive Cat’s Tooth Mountain.  The reddish colour of the crumbling ruins contrasted nicely with the slightly misty lush-green surrounds.  Though not as breathtaking as, say, Angkor Wat, its historical significance still gave the monuments a feeling of grandeur.

After struggling around the complex and not fully appreciating it due to complete exhaustion, I got back on the bus with an equally shattered Lindsay and back to Hoi An in time for a 9:45am breakfast.  After breakfast and a stroll around the suit shops, we finally succumbed to tiredness and crashed at around 1pm.  We woke at 6, our body clocks now suitably messed-up, and we hit TamTam cafe, where a very strong Irish coffee failed to breathe any life into me.  Became tired and lethargic, certainly in no mood for partying, and so went to bed early. Still, a day of some achievement – I had

learned not to drink and party heavily before heading to a Unesco World Heritage site.


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