Vietnam Day 13 – Hoi An

Travelogue, Vietnam — By on September 1, 2007 7:16 am

Finding it difficult to leave this lovely place.  Felt shattered, but had work to do.  Went to Danang to book flight tickets to Nha Trang, then Nha Trang to Saigon.  Lindsay and I went there by motorbike taxi, which in the searing heat of the midday sun and without helmets probably wasn’t the best idea.  It took 45 minutes as well, though it was a lovely coastal run.  On the way back we stopped off at the Marble Mountains, which really are made of marble.  Around the entrance are hundreds of shops selling everything marble, though the marble is now shipped in from other places rather than hewn from the mountain.

Some of the 5 mountains have some natural caves of varying splendour, and local kids offer to guide you around and then charge extortionate amounts.  At the top of one cave there is a commanding view of China beach and a nice pagoda.  I spent quite a bit of time surveying the scene and taking pictures, before heading back to meet the motorbike taxis again.  They took us to China beach for a short time, which was a lovely white sand area, though had no redeeming features.  We arrived back to Hoi An and paid them $5 each for the day trip.

In the evening we felt incredibly relaxed now that our transportation had been sorted out.  Lindsay felt relaxed enough to accompany me to an Indian restaurant, which served the best Indian food I’d tasted for quite some time.  I washed it down with a large beer, and felt absolutely exhausted again, so we both retired to bed, still feeling the effects of 2 nights before.  I can’t recover from a big night out like I used to.  At 26, I feel like I’m getting older…..hangovers linger for days, I tire more easily….perhaps a change in diet and lifestyle is needed!


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