Vietnam Day 15 – Nha Trang

Travelogue, Vietnam — By on September 1, 2007 7:18 am

Flew to Nha Trang, Vietnam’s premier beach area.  Checked into the AP Hotel where, for $25, we got the VIP room.  It was huge, opened up on a street scene, and had Channel V on default.  Nice. It was early evening when we ventured out.  Nha Trang is bigger and brasher than Hoi An, with a much more resorty feel to it.  Restaurants and swanky bars line the back streets and the beach road, and foreigners are much more visible.  We walked straight into Octopus Divers, a British owned diveshop.  The young lad who served us, Wayne, was friendly and enthusiastic, with a physique and look that paid a startling resemblance to Tom Heddon, one of my old university friends.  We booked 2 dives for the very next morning, got measured up for our flippers and wet suits, then headed for dinner on the main drag, an area full of restaurants with English menus promising a mesmerizing array of fresh seafood. It was loud and chaotic out here, the buzz of motorbikes, smell and hiss of street food, the ‘poka-poka-poka’ of locals chatting in tongues I didn’t understand. In other words, distinctly South East Asian.  Lindsay wanted lobster, and as I’d never tried it before, I indulged her.  It was delicious, and the flavour intensely garlic.  After this, we headed to a Beer Hoi to meet Wayne and his Vietnamese friends.  We enjoyed their hospitality, and had a few beers sat down on little plastic stools in the street supping the home brew beer of varying potency but consistent cheapness, before returning to the hotel down the dark streets on foot, avoiding the constant offers of ‘transport,’  to get a decent sleep before our dive.


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