Vietnam Day 16 – Nha Trang

Travelogue, Vietnam — By on September 1, 2007 7:19 am

The day of the dive.  No time for breakfast, as we had to be at the diveshop at 7:50am.  We had a small group on the boat, which was nice for Lindsay as it was her first post-PADI certification dive.  I was on my 19th and 20th dive, and it was my first buddying up with Lindsay.  The visibility, unfortunately, was awful.  We saw a Demonstinger and a Lionfish, I think, but as I’m not a ‘small fish guy’, they didn’t arouse my interests as much as, say, a manta ray might.  It was cold at any depth below 10m too.  Oh, and we may have seen a small jellyfish at some point, but as visibility was down to 1m in some areas and we lost people in our group and had to resurface, it was probably just our imaginations.  After 2 of these dives. we headed back.  A disappointing days diving.

To get the most out of the day we later took a taxi tour of Nha Trang’s sights, including Cham Towers, a place of religious significance.  We also saw the impressive Long Son Pagoda, which still has resident monks.  The huge white buddha sitting in a locust position at the top of the hill behind the pagoda provides great views of Nha Trang, and is probably the best sight in Nha Trang.  After getting these cultural visits out of the way, we went to the beach.  Nha Trang has a lovely 7km stretch of white sand, and we sat in a shady part under a palm tree eating a local dish and relaxing.  Soon, a group of young Vietnamese students invited us over for a few ‘333’ beers and a chat.  Some were clearly drunk, which explained their initial bravery in beckoning us over.  After 20 minutes of ‘conversation,’ both us and they got bored, so Lindsay and I bid them farewell and went to a bar next to the Sailing Club.  We met the Israeli girls and their German friend on the beach, then the Englishman within me took over and we headed to the bar to taste their ‘beer sampler’ and Louisiana Chicken wings, Vietnamese tradition at its finest.

In the evening we met the Spanish couple, Xavier and Bea, who, like the Israelis, were following a similar route down Vietnam, and we went to Good Morning Vietnam for some delicious Italian fare.  We enjoyed their company, hit Guava bar, then headed for the Sailing Club, a huge, classy restaurant/bar/club on the beach.  We met the Israelis and their German friend again, a nice chap whom I can’t remember the name of.  We had a nice drink, played a little pool, then walked back together.  Nha Trang is a lovely place.


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