Vietnam Day 17 – Nha Trang

Travelogue, Vietnam — By on September 1, 2007 7:19 am

Went to soak in the mineral mud bath today.  We enjoyed washing away our sins and soaking in the rejuvenating mineral bath.  We also had a massage, in which the woman tramples all over your back, but it felt really good, exciting even, dare I say.  I followed this with a steam bath, and tried to stay in for as long as possible without fainting.  Alex and I had tried a similar thing in Nagano, Japan.  A challenge to see who could stay the longest.  There was a tub of salt for rubbing over your skin in that one, and Alex rubbed some into his face, which was a terrible idea, as his face burned and his eyes stung.  We lasted almost 10 minutes before lurching out and plunging into an icy pool.  On this occasion, in Vietnam, I only managed 5 minutes.  Every breath I took felt hotter than the last, and soon it felt like I was breathing fire.  With no element of competition, my body weakening and my eyesight blurred, I bailed out.

Refreshed, we went out in the evening to a place called Mecca for dinner and experienced the worst food I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.  The pizza was a supermarket pizza, half-heated up. We went to the Sailing Club in the evening and joined up with Xavier, Bea, the Israelis, their German friend, and a crazy German girl. We got really drunk off cheap buckets of vodka and redbull, and we danced like fools until 3am.


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