Song of the Week – Black Keys – The Only One

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Trawling through my downloads I occasionally stumble on something that deserves a repeat play.  And another.  And another.  ‘The Only One’ by the Black Keys, an American blues-rock duo, is such a song.  Simple but effective, finely crafted, lovely cooing falsetto over a dreamy, whirring backdrop of organ and a perfectly-paced, almost lazy guitar melody with understated drums, which together evoke woozy days of teenage love set in a cheap park fairground with a bottle of cider as refreshment, the scent of newly-cut grass in the air.  But therein lies it’s appeal.  It’s clever but not too smart.  Cool but not pretentious, mature yet child-like in it’s honest innocence.  Like you used to be, and just like you probably last felt when you were a teenager and wish you could recapture the essence of those halcyon days now.  It’s nostalgia, in a deliriously happy way.  It’s falling hopelessly in love, unable to control the dizzy, intoxicating freefall into the web love has spun, and not caring about what might happen in the future, or what could have happened in the past.  Living and loving for the moment.  Beautiful.



Can’t explain
Nor can I contain
You have on my soul

It’s all I do I
Is baby dream of you
I’m falling down
When you’re around


You’re the only one
You’re the only one
I’m so wrapped up in a daze
Hoping this is just a faze
But when all is said and done
I know you are still the one
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
Cupid’s bow it stung
Now you’re the only one


Is what this is to me
I’m giving up
I’m having no luck

Like a ghost
The one that I love most
She disappears
When I get near

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  1. Vero says:

    Lovely song, I like the lyric a lot!

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