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East Indonesia Day 22 – Temkesi

Nesi had gone on a walkabout when I knocked at his door.  It was 5:45am.  He’d gone to find ojeks.  He came back at 6:15am, triumphant.  Three ojeks were waiting for us.  We were on out way to Temkesi.  It took 2 and a half hours to get there, including a nice stop on a […]

East Indonesia Day 21 – Boti to Kefa and surrounding village

Woke at 4:30am.  Village life starts early.  We wanted to wander the village in the business of the morning.  We wandered into one of the small huts, where the king’s niece and her cousin were making fried bananas in a big cauldron in the middle of the tiny room, dutifully chopping vegetables, peeling bananas.  Charlie […]

East Indonesia Day 20 – Soe to NikiNiki to Boti, West Timor

Woke at 7 (lots of early starts on this trip!) and had breakfast in the Chinese style banquet hall:  tea, soup, rice, rice noodles, spinach.  Met by our guide, Nessi, a pleasant looking chap in his 40s, carrying a small bag and a big belly, and sporting a strange half-moustache.  He seemed nice, well-informed, and […]

East Indonesia Day 19 – Kupang to Soe – West Timor

Woke at 7 and had breakfast on my porch – tea, bread, butter, jam.  It was a blazing hot day in Kupang, and it was only 9am. Charlie came around, and we thrashed out our plans for the next few days.  We intended to go to Soe today, then Niki-niki, Note, and Boti the day […]

East Indonesia Day 18 – Moni – Kelimetu – Kupang

Woke at 4, and left at 4:30 on an ojek to see sunrise atop Kelimetu volcano, famous for its 3 different coloured lakes.  The steep drive on the ojek was hair-raising to say the least, it was like a race to get up to the top between Charlie’s ojek driver and mine.  We got there […]

East Indonesia Day 17 – Ende to Moni

Woke at 7 and had tea and pancakes for breakfast, then took a taxi to the airport to catch my flight to Ende with Merpati.  Met a Kurt Cobain lookalike from Colorado – Charlie, who had been travelling around Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok and Flores for the last 3 weeks.  He was with a Japanese guy, […]

East Indonesia Day 16 – Manta Point Dive Trip

Woke at 7, and strolled down to the rickety pier, which is surely not far from collapsing.  Joined the Komodo Dive boat.  A sunny morning, thankfully.  Other people on the boat were amiable – an English girl, a group of 4 Swedish girls, an Irish girl, a guy from Botswana, and me.  The funny thing […]

East Indonesia Day 15 – Labuanbajo

Woke feeling groggy, unsurprisingly.  The mosques all around blaring out the first call to prayer at 4:30am probably didn’t help.  I managed to book a flight to Ende for the day after tomorrow, and from Ende to Kupang in West Timor the day after that.  The ticket from Labuanbajo to Ende was only 250,000Rp – […]

East Indonesia Day 14 – Komodo

I woke first on the boat, hoping to see sunrise.  My head dripped as I lifted it from the sodden pillow.  I was soaked – the boat’s roof was leaking – yet I had somehow managed some sleep.  I crawled out of bed and out to the front of the boat.  The dark clouds from […]

East Indonesia Day 13 – Rinca

Woke at 7:30, had breakfast – pancakes on Friday, apparently.  Dumped by big backpack in the staff bungalow at Gardena, taking only a small rucksack.  Gathered outside Figo’s shop, where he had just broken news to the captain, YoYo, that I would be joining the 4 day 3 night trip to Lombok, but jumping off […]