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Japan Day 6 and 7 – Tokyo

Woke at 9am, and headed out into the warm sunshine for breakfast with Crystal.  We walked to an area near Akasaka station, and popped into Tully’s for a delicious coffee on the balcony overlooking the square below.  Skyscapers towered around, silver beacons of modernity, dwarfing the hunched old man selling the Big Issue, the suits […]

Japan Day 5 – Hokkaido and Tokyo

A delicious Japanese and Western buffet breakfast was followed by a day of relaxation and a wonderful onsen.  My body ached like never before, but it had been worth it.  This was the best snowboarding I’d ever done, and I’ve got a taste for it again!  Alex and Junko had another day of skiiing, then […]

Japan Day 4 – Hokkaido

Woke up parched again, but knew that the cold, fresh air would quickly bring me around, and made breakfast this time.  We chose a Japanese restaurant, and had a typical Japanese breakfast of rice, miso soup, fish, vegetables and green tea.  Crystal, feeling brave, grabbed a pot of natto, the sticky, foul-smelling fermented soybean food […]

Japan Day 2 – Hokkaido

Crystal and I woke after 4 hours kip, shuffled out of our room, checked out, and flagged down a taxi.  The door opened automatically, and the white-gloved gentleman driving enquired where we wanted to go.  “Haneda Airport” I replied, and we headed off through the quiet streets of Tokyo that would soon be teeming with […]

Japan Day 1 – Tokyo

It was time for another holiday – the March week break.  Much needed, and a trip to Japan – Tokyo, followed by 4 days snowboarding in Hokkaido – was the perfect tonic to the ever-sweltering tropics.  I finished work at 3:30pm on Sunday, and rushed home to pack for the week.  Luckily, I’d brought a […]

Japan Day 3 – Hokkaido

Woke absolutely parched, the dry air from the heater set at 27 degrees with no humidifier rendering me incapable of even swallowing.  My body ached from the tumbles I’d had on the slopes, and muscles that seemed to be used only for pursuits such as snowboarding were sore.  There was a soreness in muscles that […]